Lymnor GalleryWolfium
Adeline de Preaux's emblazon
Adeline de Preaux
Sable, a saltire between in pale two thistles and in fess two fleurs-de-lys Or
Valdr jįrnsmišr's emblazon
Valdr jįrnsmišr
Vert, three oak leaves conjoined in pall between three acorns in pall inverted caps to center argent.
Aibhilin fra Skye's emblazon
Aibhilin fra Skye
Per chevron argent and gules, two thistles proper and a mortar and pestle argent.
Alana Greywood's emblazon
Alana Greywood
Argent, a greyhound rampant gules, on a chief embattled sable three crescents argent.
Alexander the Blue's emblazon
Alexander the Blue
Per bend azure and argent, in bend three triquetras bendwise inverted between two dragons in bend sinister counterchanged.
Alistair Kirk's emblazon
Alistair Kirk
Quarterly argent ermined azure and Or, in bend sinister two compass stars all within a bordure azure.
Alistair Kirk - badge's emblazon
Alistair Kirk - badge
Quarterly ermine and Or, a raven volant sable between in bend sinister two compass stars, all within a bordure azure.
Alyce de Sheppy's emblazon
Alyce de Sheppy
Or, a Latin cross flory per pale purpure and sable within a bordure per pale sable and purpure.
Anne le Gris's emblazon
Anne le Gris
Gules, semy of quill pens argent
Aodhan Longarrow's emblazon
Aodhan Longarrow
Per fess embattled azure and gules, a sheaf of arrows within a bordure argent
Ariadne Athingana of Ravenglass's emblazon
Ariadne Athingana of Ravenglass
Argent, on a bend sinister purpure a weaver's shuttle argent, all within a bordure purpure, muletty argent
Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn's emblazon
Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn
Argent, a unicornate dragon's head contourny couped gules and on a chief sable three dexter plate gauntlets clenched argent.
Baudouin de Domrémy 's emblazon
Baudouin de Domrémy
Or, a winged lion rampant gules maintaining a fleur-de-lis azure, on a chief vert a straight trumpet Or.
Bethoc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr's emblazon
Bethoc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr
Per saltire purpure and gules, a sea-unicorn argent within a bordure per saltire Or and argent.
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black's emblazon
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black
Checky sable and Or, a seawolf erect argent, as an augmentation on a canton gules a trillium flower argent.
Christiana Macnamara's emblazon
Christiana Macnamara
Gules, a winged snail, on a chief argent two apples gules leaved vert
Shared badge's emblazon
Shared badge
Fieldless,a sole per pale purpure and gules
Personal Badge's emblazon
Personal Badge
Fieldless, upon a shoe sole per pale purpure and gules a winged snail argent
Erick of Longacres's emblazon
Erick of Longacres
Per pale gules and sable, a sun and on a chief embattled argent, five suns sable.
Gabrielle de Champagne's emblazon
Gabrielle de Champagne
Quarterly Or and azure, a pegasus courant argent within a bordure counterchanged.
Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen's emblazon
Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen
Per pale argent and sable, a tower between three crescents counterchanged.
Jhone of Woodcote's emblazon
Jhone of Woodcote
Lozengy vert and erminois.
Keja Tselebnik's emblazon
Keja Tselebnik
Azure, an owl affronty wings displayed argent sustaining a wheel Or all within two concentric annulets argent.
Kolbjorn Skatkaupandi's emblazon
Kolbjorn Skatkaupandi
Argent, a pithon erect contourny wings addorsed within a bordure purpure.
Liadin Chu's emblazon
Liadin Chu
Argent, three teasels slipped and leaved vert, between two flaunches purpure each charged with a triquetra fesswise one point outward Or
Badge's emblazon
Fieldless, A Calygreyhound statant Or
Lišr Lang-Akason's emblazon
Lišr Lang-Akason
Per fess sable and vert, a wolf rampant to sinister and a chief sinister, a key Or
Lyda's emblazon
Per bend sinister sable mullety argent and argent a bend sinister wavy gules
Mahhild de Valognes's emblazon
Mahhild de Valognes
Per bend sinister azure and sable, on a bend sinister argent between a cup and a broad arrow Or, two bendlets sinister azure.
Marion FitzWilliam's emblazon
Marion FitzWilliam
Vert, two drinking horns in saltire on a chief argent two ravens close respectant sable (augmentation of arms of ''a black wolfs head upon a white rose'' now appears between the two ravens)
Menken Brechen's emblazon
Menken Brechen
Per bend sinister gules and checky sable and argent, in dexter chief in pale a fleur-de-lys and three billets fesswise argent.
Moria the Black's emblazon
Moria the Black
Argent, a natural panther statant sable, a base rayonny gules.
Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester's emblazon
Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester
Per pale gules and Or, five mullets two, two, and 1 counterchanged, a bordure sable
Nicolaa de Bracton - Badge's emblazon
Nicolaa de Bracton - Badge
Counter ermine, on a pall Or three crescents gules.
Nikolai Domingo de Vallejo's emblazon
Nikolai Domingo de Vallejo
Argent, on a bend vert between a rapier bendwise and a rapier bendwise inverted sable a wolf's head erased palewise contourny between two roses argent.
Normand Hauberker's emblazon
Normand Hauberker
Sable, on a bend sinister embattled-counter-embattled argent, three sets of three annulets interlaced palewise two and one vert.
Percival de la Rocque's emblazon
Percival de la Rocque
Purpure, on a beer stein argent a bee purpure, a bordure embattled argent
Percival de la Rocque - Shared Badge's emblazon
Percival de la Rocque - Shared Badge
Fieldless,a sole per pale purpure and gules
Percival de la Rocque - Personal Badge's emblazon
Percival de la Rocque - Personal Badge
Fieldless, upon a shoe sole per pale purpure and gules a beer stein argent
Rachael Catherine McLellan's emblazon
Rachael Catherine McLellan
Gules, three escallops argent each charged with a pellet.
Rachell Gray's emblazon
Rachell Gray
Argent, a cross bottony vert and a chief wavy barry wavy azure and argent.
Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall's emblazon
Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall
Per fess wavy azure and argent, issuant from the line of division a lion rampant Or, in base three bars wavy azure.
Reynard de Foch of Ravenglass's emblazon
Reynard de Foch of Ravenglass
Per saltire argent and sable, a fox rampant gules within a bordure gules mullety argent.
Richard Larmer's emblazon
Richard Larmer
Gules, a boar's head couped Or, on a chief ermine three gouttes de larmes.
Rory Cennedi the Kid's emblazon
Rory Cennedi the Kid
Sable, goutty d'Or, three pairs of wings argent.
Rosalinda Margareta de la Fuentes's emblazon
Rosalinda Margareta de la Fuentes
Argent, a rose within a bordure azure charged with butterflies Or.
Sciath ingen Chaennaig's emblazon
Sciath ingen Chaennaig
Or, a quatrefoil and a tierce indented azure
Sciath ingen Chaennaig -Badge's emblazon
Sciath ingen Chaennaig -Badge
A quatrefoil azure within and conjoined to an annulet Or.
Siegfried Brandboern's emblazon
Siegfried Brandboern
Per saltire azure and argent, a phoenix displayed counterchanged.
Susanna the Unyielding's emblazon
Susanna the Unyielding
Argent, on a bend cotised purpure three mullets argent.
Tancred of Tanglewood's emblazon
Tancred of Tanglewood
Argent, in pale a two-man cross-cut saw and two hammers in saltire sable all within a bordure sable semy of maple leaves argent.
Yoshikuri Nagayori's emblazon
Yoshikuri Nagayori
Argent, three maple leaves in pall stems outward within a bordure sable.
Amber of Litchfield's emblazon
Amber of Litchfield
Vert semy of roses, a wolf rampant argent maintaining a mullet of twelve points Or charged with a roundel gules.
Hrorikr zem Himel's emblazon
Hrorikr zem Himel
Argent, in pale two spears in saltire gules and a cauldron purpure
Orla O'Shannahan's emblazon
Orla O'Shannahan
Per bend sinister argent and azure, a fir tree eradicated between in bend a mullet of four points and a roundel counterchanged.
Catherine Townson's emblazon
Catherine Townson
Argent, a bend engrailed sable cotised plain azure
Shahid al-Hasan's emblazon
Shahid al-Hasan
Argent, a chevron azure between three crescents purpure, a bordure engrailed sable
Chiara Stella's emblazon
Chiara Stella
Per pale Or and azure, in bend sinister two mullets of eight interlocking mascles counterchanged
Kallikleas Lysias's emblazon
Kallikleas Lysias
Azure, an eagle and in base a crescent all within an orle Or.
Merewen de Sweynesheie's emblazon
Merewen de Sweynesheie
Argent, on a fess wavy azure between three trees vert three bezants
Meuric Whith's emblazon
Meuric Whith
Argent, on a fess wavy Gules between three daggers sable three bezants.
Laurenz Tonnemacher's emblazon
Laurenz Tonnemacher
Sable, a chevron indented ermine between three goats clymant argent.
Ilsebet Jeghersche's emblazon
Ilsebet Jeghersche
Sable, a fess of three lozenges argent each charged with a mullet azure, a bordure argent.
Lachlan mac an Toisich of Benchar's emblazon
Lachlan mac an Toisich of Benchar
Vert, a bend sinister argent, overall a cross bottony Or.
Daya Speyerin's emblazon
Daya Speyerin
Or, two reed pens inverted in saltire sable between four pumpkins gules slipped vert